About us

The company LUXIT4you was established in 2010. It realizes projects in the field of mechanical and civil engineering with a specialization on production of locksmith components.

We offer you Czech traditional blacksmith products in the e-shop I-KOVAR.cz. From chairs and tables, handrails and iron bars, fireplace tools and candlesticks to knives, jewels, wrought nails or blacksmith works of art. We have to mention artistic benches made by skilful master blacksmiths according to Czech young designers. We offer products of Czech master blacksmiths. Such products have much bigger quality than products from shopping centers. Our products will serve to several generations. Some products have lifetime warranty.

We will extend our offer to satisfy every customer and to make your gardens and interiors more beautiful. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the e-shop I-KOVAR.cz, contact us and our blacksmiths will try to make products for you.

If you are interested in garden benches or wooden garden furniture, visit our specialized e-shop E-LAVICKY.cz