Delivery term

We will deliver the products to you in two days after finishing the products according to your order. A carrier will telephonically contact you a day before delivery and will agree on an exact term of taking delivery.

Transport price list

Package weight fromPackage weight toTransport: Czech Rep.Transport: EU
0 kg0,5 kg150 Kč50 EUR
0,51 kg5,0 kg210 Kč85 EUR
5,01 kg15,0 kg300 Kč150 EUR
15,01 kg30,0 kg430 Kč230 EUR
30,01 kg50,0 kg600 Kč325 EUR
50,01 kg75,0 kg780 Kč440 EUR
75,01 kg100,0 kg940 Kč580 EUR
100 kg?individualindividual

The price includes packing and postal charges as well. VAT will be added to the price of transport.